Speed, Strength, and Explosion

Sweat Fitness Fit

The Jersey Dugout is proud to partner with Tom Kalieta and Dr Marissa Priolo PT,DPT of Sweat Fitness Fit to bring you the Speed, Strength, and Explosion class!

Speed, Strength, and Explosion

The “Speed and Explosion” program is designed for baseball players to focus on lateral movement, reaction time, explosiveness, trunk stability, and power. There will be a few different apparatuses used to help develop game speed, power, and quickness. We use barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, sleds, and much more for strength training and mobility. We also incorporate bands for strength, resistance, and maximum speed training.

Our goal is to increase and generate ground force output at a powerful accelerated rate. By enhancing core power and total body strength, your athlete’s bat swing and field speed will increase.  Recovery and flexibility are also two very significant habits that we establish in young athletes to help strengthen their overall routine in performance enhancement. The program will be customized to the athlete and to the sport of baseball. Everything from overall body composition, movement, mindset, and restoration will be highlighted and spoken about. There are many elements involved in developing a baseball player’s power and we plan to ignore none of these. Explosiveness, efficiency, movement, and power are the keys to helping these athletes fulfill their potential!

If you have any questions regarding our Speed and Explosion camp just give us a call at 732-792-3200 or e-mail: [email protected].